About Guru

Guru Smt. Srimohana Balasubramaniam

Guru Smt. Srimohana Balasubramaniam is the founder and artistic director of Nadanalaya Dance Academy, dedicated to artistic excellence and expressions of Bharatanatyam, the traditional Indian classical dance. She started her dance journey at four and is trained in the Kalakshetra bani under Smt. Devaki Kulothunga Bharathi and learned from gurus like Prof. Krishanthy Ravendra, Smt. Padmini Selvendrakumar and Smt. Shanthini Sivanesan from India and Srilanka. Also learned from renowned gurus Shri Janathan and Smt. Nirmala from Kalakshetra. She completed her Bachelor's degree in Bharatanatyam from Jaffna University, Sri Lanka. She was the topper in the fine arts department and won awards like 'Performer of the Year.' She completed her Master's degree from Bharathidasan University, India. She researched Movement Therapy for special needs kids at the University Hospital of Jaffna under Professor Daya Somasundaram's and Dr. Shivayogan's guidance, focusing on mindful movement-based practices used to treat the mind, body, and spirit concurrently.

After moving to the USA, she started her dance school in 2009. Smt. Srimohana Balasubramaniam works tirelessly to create awareness and appreciation for Indian classical dance in Denver, Colorado. She is well known for her innovative and creative dance productions. She is a gifted writer and has kept the audiences enthralled by composing, choreographing, and performing in dramas like "Thalaivanai Thedi," "Vikramadithyan," "Udhayanai thaduththa Uthami," "Nangai Koor Navinangal," "Mazhai" and more. Smt. Mohana's most defining legacy is the theater art she learned for seven years from Professor Kuzhanthai Shanmugalingam. She performed many plays, and "Koor" was one significant play performed all over Srilanka and gained media attention. She composes many dance pieces and songs in collaboration with Prof. Panruti Suresh. She learned Nattuvangam from Nattuvanar Mahendran and Professor Vijay Madhavan. Now, she teaches Nattuvangam to disciples internationally.

Guru Smt. Mohana's thirst for learning never stopped; she continues to learn the theater expression 'Navarasa Sathanam' from Professor Velu ji, Kerala. A versatile and gifted artiste, Guru Smt.Srimohana Balasubramaniam is a woman of uncommon artistry and rare compassion. She supports and raises funds for Special Needs schools through a nonprofit organization, Swayam, that promotes the beauty of Indian performing Arts. Guru Smt. Mohana also has the rare privilege of working with Griffin College London as Colorado State Coordinator. She is also part of the Alagappa University Performing Art Center. She serves as a jury member for different dance competitions and examiner for Griffin College London.